Roku 2050X XD Streaming Player 1080p

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Roku XD 2050, 720p Streaming Player

Roku XD 2050, 720p Streaming Player

Brand : Roku

Price :


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Availability : Usually ships in 1-2 business days.


  • Start watching movies on your TV in seconds using your high-speed Internet connection
  • Featuring the largest collection of instant streaming movies and TV shows, from Netflix, Amazon VOD, and more
  • Built-in wireless (extended-range Wireless-N) and wired Internet connectivity.
  • Simply connect to your TV and to your high-speed Internet service. Does not require PC for streaming.
  • Plays up to 720p High Definition video. Works with any TV.

Product Description

Roku is a little box that allows you to instantly stream tons of entertainment on your TV. Watch over 100,000 movies and TV shows from Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, and more. Listen to music on Pandora, or listen to your own iTunes playlists. Even watch major sports, news, or original Internet programming. It's all available whenever you want it. The all-new Roku XD delivers the highest quality HD video, in the smallest box, at the lowest price. No wonder Roku is the best selling streaming player ever.

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